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​​​​​Are you currently experiencing some of life’s unexpected challenges and are ready to take the required steps?  Are you going through life's financial difficulties;  divorce, estate inheritance, property ownership with bad tenants?

If it's time to think about alternative solutions to the conventional way of selling your house, then we are the real estate experts to work with.  

A clear understanding of your specific circumstances is paramount to us in handling your real estate transaction with professionalism and grace.  We will work diligently with you to meet your individual financial needs and advance your economic position.

We acquire houses in any condition and price range, and in many western regions, from people in situations just like yours.  We will professionally evaluate your property and make you an all-cash offer quickly.   Being all cash buyers, we eliminate time-consuming contingencies.   If our offer works for you, we can close the sale within ten days or as long as your schedule requires, with no 'sales commission' or fees of any kind.

Call us or complete our submission form today for a confidential, obligation-free consultation and offer.
    Some Frequent Concerns Addressed 

Do we "list your house" like a real estate agent?   

No, we are cash investors, so your house won't be "listed", there won't be any commissions deducted from your proceeds of the sale and you won't have any contractual restrictions placed upon you.

Do you have to accept our offer?

Absolutely not!  Our offer is simply an all-cash offer based upon the current condition of your property and the current real estate market conditions.  As such, if you choose not to sell your property to us, you are under no obligation.

Do we buy properties with damage or that are in poor condition?

This actually makes up the majority of properties that we acquire.  Whether a single family residence, a multi-family apartment or commercial complex, or even raw land ... upkeep is often a primary factor in the sale of real property.  

What do you mean by an "all-cash" offer? 

We don't rely on bank loans or approvals, which often come with bank "contingencies" ... requirements the bank wants fulfilled prior to funding a loan.  In that we use our own funds to acquire a property, we decide which properties to purchase and can close within days if necessary.  

How long does it actually take to get an offer and ultimately sell my property? 

That's a great question and one we often receive.  We will go over some basic information with you and then get down to our due diligence.   In most cases, it takes us about 48 hours to get you a written offer.   With it, we will include an overview of our thought process, which substantiates our offer.   If acceptable to you, we can close in as little as 5-10 days, or we can delay the process to meet your needs for as long as you choose.  

To give up on our dreams ... is a disgrace.  To "restructure" our dreams ... is the noble effort that life requires!   
-  Quint R. Miller
Sotra Holding Group