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Sotra Holding Group (SHG) brings many years of experience to the marketplace.   We have extensive understanding of not only the economies and industry sector that we operate in but in the underlying financial health and trends of the greater markets.
We are a caring and successful group of investors that acquire land, single family homes, multi-family properties, and commercial properties at discounts to replacement cost.  This is very important to understand from the position of either a real property seller or a new or seasoned investor.
From the property seller’s perspective, they have found themselves in a place where they may not understand the current market, why that market has moved against them so radically, or simply why they have become unable to navigate it’s financial sectors successfully.
From a seasoned investor’s perspective, they are looking to navigate and take advantage of those very same economic conditions but may lack extensive, in-depth insight and “market reach” to make the most of their need to invest for the long term.
And from the new investor’s perspective, they are simply trying to understand what to look for as they view the market, learn to navigate it’s intricacies successfully, and maximize both their time and ability to prosper within the ever changing nature of the markets. 
This is where SHG shines the brightest!  This is truly an unprecedented time to become involved in real estate assets as an investment.  When you strategically invest in real estate now at below market values, and strategically in these appreciating markets ... along with clearly established goals and objectives, you are able to successfully offset market instability and hedge against inflation while simultaneously earning an excellent return on investment (ROI). 
If you have interest in divesting a property, how you might get involved in real estate with little to no down-side risk, or are seeking exceptional investment properties, please contact us today to discuss your specific objectives! 
The Sotra Holding Group Investment Team is:
-  Focused exclusively on real estate asset acquisition and development
-  Managed by a team of highly skilled financial analysts
-  Supported by a team of nationally active investors
-  Advised by an outside advisory board comprised of senior real estate

Residential Real Property Investments

Commercial Real Property Investments

Buying into single family property investments

Buying into commercial property investments

Acquisition and rehabilitation of single family properties, whether in the $400k - $1 MM range or in the $1 MM and over range is the fastest possible way to grow your wealth.  Real estate is the single largest asset for wealth in the world.  More millionaires and billionares hold their wealth, or have created their wealth, through the acquisition of real estate than any other asset class there is!  If you're looking for excellent, discounted properties to add to your investment portfolio or to rehabilitate, we would like to be a property provider for you.  Call us today.
Multi-family commercial real estate has long proven to be the very best source of compounding, residual income.  If you have financial resources that must be invested in growth income financial assets, our multi-family assets are the very best you can buy into.  We only invest in growing economies that have proven to appreciate better than comparable markets and provide a return that is secured by the most important asset in the world ... real estate.  If you're looking for better than average, appreciating assets, we would like to offer you an opportunity to invest with us.  Call us today.

Getting Started In Real Estate Investing

Locating Properties For SHG

It truly doesn't matter if you don't know the difference between a residential and a commercial property, you can still get started in real estate today!  We have an awesome program where you can learn to search out properties, analyze them, and make money when our investors acquire them!  We will guide and help you every step of the way.  And as you get better at what you do, we will asssist you in scaling up your business to the point that it will replace your current income, and you can enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that comes with working for yourself, earning a substantial income, residual income and time freedom that only comes with real financial independence.

Contact us today to find out how our program works and how you can get started right away.  We look forward to working with you!